March 28, 2017

Technical Features & Benefits

Technical E-learning Features & Benefits

Here we present a short list of the technical e-learning features and benefits for students, teachers and managers of our Learning Management System.

Videoconference Plugin

Geographically limitless classroom.

Ability to record classes and play them again limitless.

Everyone can meet at the same time regardless of the time zone.

Reinforcement of Relationships.

speech recognition in language courses

Improvement in core reading and writing abilities.

Students write without fear of spelling errors.

Practice pronuntiation in a safe, low-stress environment.

Multiple repetitions of unfamiliar words without worrying about
feeling embarrased.

SCORM Standards

Tailored instruction to any individual or organization.

Gamification: engaging and interactive content.

Reusability, Accesibility, Availability, Affordability, Durability,

Monitors the learner and adapts to learner´s needs.

technical support in e-learning

Personal language instructor.

Supervision of Educational Consultants.

E-learning platform in several languages: Easier navigation.

Technical Support.

Development of Mobile Application.

Flexibility for the students.

Customized learning experience.

Technical Support.

Online Training Features


Students can follow the online courses on desktop. Advanced features like speech recognition and videoconference with the teachers are available.

desktop online training

Mobile or Tablet      

Courses can be studied also on mobile or on a tablet providing a flexible learning experience.

Mobile Online Training