June 4, 2014

Meet us

Would you like to know more about our team and meet us? We are looking forward to know more about you!

First of all, there´s a bit of information about who we are:

We are a training company focused in providing the best training courses in some specific areas like Information Technologies, Languages and Management Skills.

We believe that a close attention to our clients is what better serves their needs in training and learning.

Our range of services include E-learning courses, that are delivered through our Learning Management Systems, classroom-based training or on-site training in your offices, as well as a mix of these two methods (Blended Learning).

Why do business with us?

training company1. Tailored Contents.

We study your training needs in detail and work together with our
teachers in order to develop tailored contents for the students.

2. E-learning Platform.

Our e-learning platform is easily manageable by students of all ages and academic backgrounds, and it can be shown in your language.

3. Recruitment of Instructors & Coaches.

We are constantly recruiting and working with instructors, teachers, tutors and coaches in different countries who are willing to work remotely or on-site for our clients. We are in touch with several bilingual teachers in English and a 2nd language (German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese), IT Developers, Computer Engineers, Human Resources Professionals and Coaches.

e-learning providera. Contents.

Specialized training contents in several languages, IT skills and
soft skills. Flexible e-learning platform customisable for different

b. Education.

More than 10 years of experience in the Education sector.Pioneers in online education for corporations.

c. Quality.

Attention to training needs. Educational Consultancy.
Development of tailored contents for each client.

d. Team. Connected with instructors, teachers and tutors all over the world, native speakers, bilingual and trilingual speakers.


Would you like to setup a call? Please send us a message.

We will glad to assess your company and evaluate your training needs and the development of skills of your team of employees.

Meet our team of consultants and teachers

Meet our team of consultants and teachers