March 28, 2017

Learning & Development Consultancy

Learning & Development Consultancy

Here we present a list of the services that we offer in Learning & Development Consultancy for corporations, universities, schools and SMEs.

learning & development consultancy

  • Services of educational consultancy for corporations, colleges, schools and SMEs.
  • Identification of learning gaps and good standing of curriculum.
  • Design and planification of curriculum.
  • Professional Development of Teachers.


development of training materials

  • Development of training materials specifically oriented to learning
    gaps and students needs.
  • Advanced content design.
  • Availability of contents in multiple digital platforms.
  • Assessment of training needs, curricula adaptation, follow-up.


assessment of training needs

  • Study of Competences for Work for each employee in your company.
  • Methodology of Study of Competences.
  • Questionnaires and interviews to asses training needs.
  • Counselling.
  • Reports.