Case Study: Virtual Learning Environment – Online Training Platform

We provide your organization with a Virtual learning environment that enables, through access as an authorized user, access to:
1) SCORM Training Contents and Multimedia Resources (Webinars, Videos, Audios, Simulators, Interactive Animations).

2) Integrated Webinars: they can be either live webinars, or pre-recorded webinars that can be replayed and reviewed, by the students, teachers or managers.
3) Incorporation of a Tracking System that allows these features:

  • Creation of training groups, interaction of students and guardians, and among students through chat, forum, email.
  • Record of the activity and interaction of each user (student or teacher-tutor) with the platform.
  • Access to Didactic Guides: how to take the training, course objectives, calendar, hours, modules, evaluations to be carried out, tutorials, information of the tutor, etc.
  • Technical Support System: utilization, navigation, technical assistance resources, etc.
  • Learning examinations or assessment tests in accordance with the course contents.

4) Delivery of Certificate of Completion through the platform that guarantees that the access to the download of the Certificate is done by the student using his/her password.

Summing up, our Online Training Platform provides in-depth functionalities for monitoring and control of the activity and interaction of students and teachers, along with integrated webinars and recordings.

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Advanced Features in Our Virtual Learning Environment

Advanced Features and Functionalities in Our Virtual Learning Environment, like tracking system for students and teachers, integrated live and recorded webinars, and monitorization of activities and interactions.


E-learning School Homepage Campus

E-learning School Homepage Campus. Send us an email for a free online tour.

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